Air Ticket Price: 14 thousand air ticket from Delhi to Mumbai, the most expensive in the world; What is the reason?


Domestic Air Ticket Price: Domestic flight fares in India have suddenly started skyrocketing. If you want to book air tickets from Delhi to some cities 24 hours in advance, then the rates can surprise you. The fare of these domestic flights is more than many international flights. Apart from this, the fare for a one-way nonstop flight from Delhi to Mumbai was Rs 14,000 and the fare for a nonstop flight between the two metro cities has increased to Rs 37,000. The cost of last minute or instantly booked tickets is hurting the budget of the average person at present.

One of the world’s most expensive home rentals

According to a report in the English newspaper Times of India, 24-hour advance purchase airfare to fly non-stop from Delhi to Mumbai, currently at around Rs 14,000, is one of the costliest domestic fares in the world. Let us tell you that despite the weak rupee, the Indian passenger will get cheaper final fare on the busiest domestic routes of countries like America, Britain, China, Australia, South Korea and South Africa.

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Why air tickets became expensive?

Spot air fares have registered an increase for five of the six busiest routes in the country. This increase has been registered three times in the last month. Since the aviation business is a regulated sector, there is no regulatory agency to monitor airfares in India. Since the market forces of supply and demand drive the sector, the demand for air travel in the month of June is high due to the summer holidays in North India and this has an impact on ticket prices.


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