Bihar: Dead body of a youth recovered from under the soil in Darbhanga, police engaged in identification of the deceased


Bihar News: The dead body of a youth has been recovered from under the soil in a garden in Ahila village of Bahadurpur police station area of ​​Darbhanga district of Bihar. As soon as this news came to the fore, there was panic among the villagers. The dead body of the youth was covered with mud. The villagers informed the police about the incident. After this the police immediately reached the spot. At present, the police has started investigating the matter. Seeing the dead body of the young man, the possibility of murder is being expressed.

People expressed fear of murder

According to the people, after the murder, an attempt has been made to bury the dead body of the young man in the soil. According to the information, the children who went to the mango garden on Sunday morning first saw the dead body. After this the children informed the villagers about the incident. At the same time, the villagers informed the Bahadurpur police station about the incident. The police has reached the spot and started investigating the matter. There has been a stir in the area due to the discovery of an unknown dead body. At present, the body cannot be identified.

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There was a stir in the area due to the incident of murder.

Police has also informed the FSL team for investigation. The youth has not been identified yet. After the investigation, the incident will be revealed that who has been murdered and why someone has carried out this murder incident. It is known that the police is investigating the matter. At the same time, there has been a stir among the villagers due to this incident. People are scared of the incident of recovery of dead bodies from inside the soil. As soon as the news came to the fore, there was panic among the villagers.

Published By: Sakshi Shiva

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