20 kg silver looted in broad daylight in Mathura, the artisan caught the miscreant and ran away with chillies, the incident was captured in CCTV


Mathura. Miscreants robbed a servant carrying silver in broad daylight in a narrow street of Mathura. The silver merchant’s servant was coming to the shop in a two-wheeler carrying silver in a bag. Meanwhile, the miscreants stopped the two-wheeler of the servant and put chilli in his eyes and ran away with a bag full of silver. On receiving the information of the incident, along with the regional police, SSP Mathura has also joined the investigation. CCTV footage of the incident has also come to the fore. Shop owner Prabhu Dayal has informed the police about the robbery. Mathura’s SSP Shailesh Pandey, CO City, Police Station Govind Nagar, Kotwali police is engaged in investigation on the spot. SSP Shailesh Pandey said that a team has been formed to investigate the incident.

Incident in Dwarkesh Puri Colony

Prabhu Dayal Gupta, a servant of Advocate Prabhu Dayal Gupta, a resident of Dwarkesh Puri Colony of Police Station Govind Nagar area of ​​Mathura, reached the shield at Bairagpura by Motilal Scooty and got the silver wire cleaned from here. After that he started going back to the shop with 20 kg silver wire in the bag. Motilal was about 300 meters away from the shop when the miscreants robbed him in the street. There was silence in the street on Sunday. Meanwhile, the miscreants carried out the robbery incident.

Robbers chased, incident captured in CCTV

This incident of robbery with Motilal was captured in CCTV. Two miscreants are seen coming on the bike and as soon as Motilal arrives, they stop him by putting a bike in front of him and then loot the silver bag kept on his Activa. They start running away. Motilal runs after them for a long distance and catches one of the miscreants. The miscreants put chillies in Motilal’s eyes and run away.


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