Gaya: Woman killed in greed of motorcycle and money, mother’s shadow rises from three-year-old innocent’s head


Went: The case of a woman being beaten to death for a motorcycle and Rs 50,000 in dowry has come to light. The incident is of Bihargain Tola Mohwagarh under Roshanganj police station area. The deceased Lalsa Devi was a resident of Bahelia Bigha village under Sherghati police station area. Her father Gora Yadav told that about six years ago, the daughter was married to Jitendra Yadav, son of Rajendra Yadav, a resident of Mohwagarh. After a few days of marriage, the in-laws started torturing Lasha for motorcycle and 50 thousand rupees cash in dowry. Many times Panchayati was also done at the local level regarding this.

Bond was made before departure

Everything used to be fine till a few days after the Panchayati and again the in-laws used to fight. He told that a month before the incident, after the information about the fight, Lalasa was brought from her in-laws’ house to the bigha of Sherghati. But, the in-laws came again with folded hands to take her away from here. Made bond before departure. After a week of farewell, the in-laws brutally thrashed her. Due to this she was seriously injured. After getting the information, he again reached his in-laws house and got him admitted to a private hospital for treatment. He died on Monday morning during treatment there.

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Case was registered against husband and in-laws

He said that on June 1, Lalsa had filed a report against husband Jitendra Yadav, father-in-law Rajendra Yadav, mother-in-law and other in-laws at Roshanganj police station regarding the incident of assault on May 31, but no action was taken by the police. He died. Gora Yadav told that Lalsa has a small child of three years, who was not allowed by her in-laws to come here with her mother. The villagers are shocked to see this heartbreaking incident. After the murder, the family members are crying bitterly. Mother-sister and other relatives are becoming insensible by crying.

Police engaged in investigation

Here, as soon as the information about the incident was received, the police of Roshanganj police station reached Bahelia Bigha village of Sherghati and started investigating the matter. On the other hand, Ramdas of Sherghati DSP has assured the villagers that the culprits involved in the incident will not be spared. Strict legal action will be taken against the in-laws.

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