Bihar Weather: Bihar is suffering due to heat, Meteorological Department issued alert regarding heat wave


Bihar Weather: According to the forecast of IMD Patna, Bihar may remain in the grip of heatwave on Tuesday as well. There are chances of heat stroke due to the hot wind. Especially in Araria, Supaul, Khagaria, Sheikhpura, Bhagalpur and Banka, there is a forecast of severe heat wave at some places and normal heatwave at some places. IMD Patna has issued Orange and Yellow alert for these places.

Highest temperature recorded in Khagaria

According to the official information of IMD, there was severe heatwave in Purnia, Khagaria and Sabour on Monday. Whereas Motihari, Banka, Bhagalpur, Sheikhpura, Begusarai and Supaul have experienced normal heatwave. The highest temperature at these places has been recorded from 4.8 degree Celsius to more than 7.6 degree Celsius. The highest maximum temperature in Bihar has been recorded in Khagaria at 42.9 degree Celsius. Apart from this, the highest temperature has been recorded above 40 degrees in Jiradei, Patna, Jamui, Aurangabad, Nalanda, Darbhanga, Dehri, Vaishali, Valmikinagar and Pusa.

Ideal conditions for monsoon

Meteorologists believe that due to increase in temperature, the air gets heated and rises up and an area of ​​low pressure is formed. This position is ideal for attracting monsoon. Monsoon is running late by about a week. It could not reach the Kerala coast till Monday evening. However, Monsoon has become active in Sri Lanka.

Pre-monsoon rain also turned away

So far there has not been a single drop of rain in the month of June, whereas in the past years, before the onset of monsoon, there has been a lot of pre-monsoon rain in June. Because of this, it is getting record breaking heat this time. Where the common people are troubled by the heat, this time the paddy crop has not yet been prepared.

Do not leave the house from 12 to 3 o’clock

According to the alert issued by Meteorological Center Patna, people should not come out of their homes from 12 noon to 3 pm. Wear cotton clothes and drink plenty of water when you go out for important work. See a doctor after getting hit by a sun stroke.


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