Shall Pakistan military push the country towards more civil wars?


While a section of western media is portraying Imran Khan as a “charismatic cricketer-turned-politician”, Khan actually has been a replica of Ayman al-Zawahiri or other jihadist kingpins under the garb of a politician. While Pakistan is currently facing tremendous threats from radical Islamic militancy forces, Imran Khan, instead of condemning notoriety of these elements has been rather playing the role of an appeaser. The recent attacks on garrison area and vandalisms including those at the residences of military officers were not only act of terrorism, these also are tantamount to high-treason because those thuggish attackers had attempted to wage war against country’s most essential institution.

We have seen how the US authorities have taken stern measures against those accused of January 6, 2020 attack on the US Capitol. In my opinion, the recent attack on garrison area and vandalism at the residences of military officers in Pakistan were far more serious, through which attackers have put country’s entire military establishment under potential threats of any such future attacks, while even radical Islamic militancy and terrorist entities may feel encouraged from these attacks. Moreover, if political chaos continues in Pakistan, it may result in newer challenges as taking advantage of such situation, separatists in Baluchistan, for example may intensify their activities thus finally succeeding in getting separated and emerge into an independent nation. It is important to note, Imran Khan’s 13-month-long tussle with Pakistan’s government and military leadership, including General Asim Munir is not a matter that policymakers in Islamabad can ignore. Western media already is seeing Gen Asim Munir’s getting sacked from Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency in 2019 as a result of his threating to investigate Khan’s family for alleged corruption, in my opinion, such claim of the Western media is unsubstantiated.

Meanwhile, where Pakistan army is publicly spoken of with respect and gratitude, Imran Khan has in recent days launched opinionated personal attacks on the army chief, alleging that Gen Asim Munir is threatening “democracy, our constitution, fundamental rights”.

“He’s basically dismantling the future of this country to protect himself”, Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan’s allegations that he was squeezed out in a US-backed conspiracy, aided by top generals and his political rivals, have found widespread sympathy even though he has provided little evidence.

Khan has increasingly singled out Gen Munir as the architect of what he says is a campaign of persecution to keep him from returning to power.

Gen Munir had long been a high flyer, winning the sword of honor as a cadet, and going on to a career of prestigious commands. He was head of military intelligence, looking after the army’s internal affairs, and then head of the ISI. But in June 2019, he was abruptly removed from his post only eight months into what was meant to be a three-year term. The army offered no explanation for the reshuffle, which saw Gen Munir shipped off to lead an army corps in Punjab and replaced with a hardliner.

According to Farzana Shaikh, of London’s Chatham House think tank: “Munir has been described as a straight arrow by people who know him and he clearly ran into difficulty with [Imran] Khan when he decided as head of the ISI to bring to his attention that there were corruption allegations against members of his family.

“It came pretty close to the bone because members of the family center on Khan’s wife. So, Khan is said to have dismissed Munir on those grounds, although Khan has never referred to the reasons, or explained why.

“It’s well known that the two men clashed and this clash is now playing itself out in this latest battle”.

But there is something that has not yet appeared in public or in the media. Being ISI chief, Gen Asim Munir came to know two things about Khan’s wife and her family. Bushra Bibi was maintaining connections with a number of militancy outfits through her disciples and was even plotting to use them as “power muscle” in favor of her husband, while Bibi, her children from previous husband and her family members were indulged into numerous forms of corruptions. She even was plotting to use her terrorist disciples in targeting political rivals of Imran Khan including front-ranking leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muslim League (PML-N).

After learning such disturbing fact, being the chief of ISI, it was impossible for Gen Asim Munir to remain silent or not initiate any steps in foiling dangerous agendas of Bushra Bibi and rampant corruption of her family members. But things went against him, when Imran Khan told his wife what he learnt from Gen Asim Munir which resulted in an annoyed Bushra Bibi instructing her husband to remove him from the post of ISI chief. It may be mentioned here that, Imran Khan considers his wife as spiritual guru and obediently follows her directives and decisions without argument. To Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi is a “God sent angel” in his life.


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