bullion market – slight relief in the price of gold and silver


New Delhi, 25 April (Hindustan). On Tuesday, the second trading day of the week, the trend of decline in the bullion market seemed to stop. In today’s trade, the prices of both the shiny metals, gold and silver, registered a rise. In today’s trade, gold climbed up to Rs 287 per 10 grams. Similarly, the price of silver also recorded a rise of Rs 378 per kg today. After the continuous decline for the last few days, today’s rise in the price has given a lot of relief to the investors of the bullion market.

The last closing price of gold on Monday was Rs 60,081 per 10 grams. In today’s trade, the lustrous metal strengthened by Rs 287 per 10 grams, due to which gold rose to the level of Rs 60,368 per 10 grams. Gold today showed a rise in different categories ranging from Rs 287 per 10 grams to Rs 168 per 10 grams. Similarly, silver also jumped up to Rs 378 per kg in today’s trade.

According to the information provided by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association (IBJA), the average gold price of 24 carat (999) gold rose by Rs 287 to Rs 60,368 per 10 grams (provisional) in the domestic bullion market today. happened. Similarly, the price of 23 carat (995) gold strengthened by Rs 286 to Rs 60,126 per 10 grams (provisional). Today, a jump of Rs 263 per 10 grams was recorded in the price of jewellery, i.e. 22 carat (916) gold. With this, 22 carat gold reached the level of Rs 55,297 per 10 grams (provisional). Apart from this, the gold price of 18 carat (750) today increased by Rs. 215 per 10 grams to reach the level of Rs. 45,276 per 10 grams (provisional). 14 carat (585) gold today became costlier by Rs 168 to Rs 35,315 per 10 grams (provisional).

Like gold, today the price of silver also showed a rising trend. In today’s trade, the price of silver (999) registered a strength of Rs 378 per kg. Due to today’s rally, the price of the shiny metal jumped to Rs 74,768 per kg (provisional) from the last closing price of Rs 74,390 per kg on the previous trading day i.e. Monday.

Experts believe that the apprehension of recession in the global economy remains constant. Along with this, there is a continuous upheaval in the American and European markets. Due to this, there has been a lot of attraction towards gold in the form of a safe investment. That’s why investors are busy increasing their investment in gold. Along with this, many central banks of the world are engaged in increasing their gold reserves to protect themselves from the crisis of the global economy, due to which the demand for gold in the international market has increased. The upheaval in the global economy is also affecting the international gold market, due to which there is a continuous sharp fluctuation in the price of gold in the short term. The ups and downs in the international market have a direct impact on the Indian bullion market as well. This is the reason why there is no uniformity in the price of gold even in India.

Due to the global upheaval, the Indian bullion market is also in a state of constant ups and downs these days. In such a situation, it is better for small and retail investors to stay away from the market. In the current situation, small investors should keep a constant eye on the market situation and take a decision in the direction of investing money only after talking to their investment advisor on any major fall.


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