Surat: Accused caught after 17 years, wanted in theft crime


A habitual thief who was stealing at 9 places in Surat’s Ichhapor area has been caught after 17 years. The Surat Crime Branch team has taken legal action by arresting a habitual burglar, a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Jambuwa. The accused was wanted in 9 cases of theft in Ichhapur police station and was on the run from the police.

consequences of juvenile delinquency

The very popular and famous dialogue from the Hindi movie, ‘Kanoon ke haath lambe hote hain’, has been proved once again by the police in Surat today. The crime committed in youth has to bear the brunt of it even in old age, whereas here the crime committed in adolescence is being punished in youth. A habitual thief who absconded after stealing from 9 houses in Surat’s Ichhapur was arrested after 17 years. The accused was sure that the police cannot find him now, but the Surat Crime Branch Police has caught the accused even after 17 years.

Accused caught after 17 years

Between 2005 and 2006, there were 9 cases of theft in Ichhapur police station area of ​​Surat and in this case crimes were also registered in Ichhapur police station. All these crimes were found to be committed by the same accused but the police could not trace him. The team of Surat Crime Branch has achieved success in solving the crime of the year 2005-06. The accused involved in this incident has been arrested. The Surat Crime Branch team has arrested a burglar who was absconding for 17 years from Jambuwa in Madhya Pradesh. The team of Surat Crime Branch gathered complete information about the accused and after thorough investigation nabbed the accused Janiyabhai Poojabhai alias Punjia Dindor from Surat.

He used to steal by breaking the lock of a locked house

After strict interrogation of the accused, the police found that the accused along with his other accomplices Dolatsih alias Dulu Meda, Tolio Dhanjibhai Dindor and Dinesh had broken open the locks of the locked houses in various societies under Ichhapur police station area in the night from the year 2005 to 2006. Were. He confessed to stealing money, gold and silver ornaments, household articles etc.

Apart from this, a warrant under Section-70 of CrPC was also issued by the prestigious court against the accused who is wanted in 9 cases of theft from Ichhapur police station and is absconding. Further, the accused was currently living and working as a laborer in Khojpardi village of Bardoli. Surat Crime Branch team arrested the accused and handed over his possession to Ichhapur police and took legal action.


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