Ahmedabad: Brother-in-law made sister-in-law’s fake power of attorney to get subsidy for the company’s machine.


Due to the falling level of humanity, all relationships are becoming ashamed, that is why the cases of social fraud are increasing. One such case has come to the fore in Ahmedabad. Whether it is sale of goods or partnership in a company, cases of fraud and betrayal come to the fore by creating fake documents. In a private company of the city, brother-in-law had made a fake power of attorney of his sister-in-law to get subsidy for machines and presented a copy of it in the District Industries Center. Apart from this, when the sister-in-law’s son asked for the account of the company, he used to make various excuses for not giving the account. In which a complaint has been lodged at Karanj police station on suspicion of fraud.

The power of attorney was created with a wrong signature

According to the information received, Ranjanben Patel, originally from Mumbai, is a sleeping partner in a private company and her brother-in-law is also a working partner in this company. When Ranjanben’s son Harshit asked him for the accounts of the company, uncle Kishorebhai refused. While the accountant of the company also did not provide any other document after giving the balance sheet. When he asked his uncle for details, he used to make excuses and avoid giving account details. So, suspecting something wrong, an investigation found that Kishorbhai had made a power of attorney in the court with Ranjanben’s fake signature.

Subsidy of Rs 10 lakh approved

Thereafter, a copy of the power of attorney was obtained and examined by a writing expert. Where the signature was found to be false. So an application was made to the Karanj police as it appeared that uncle Kishorebhai had used a wrong power of attorney to get the subsidy on the machinery. A grant amount of Rs 10 lakh was sanctioned in the account of the firm. Uncle had to get the power of attorney prepared by notarizing it from a notary in a wrong way by forging his signature. Therefore, Ranjanben’s son has filed a complaint in this matter at Karanj police station.


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