Moldova, I’m back! | Sergiu Stefanco, from Iraq at the “Shepherd’s Rod” (VIDEO)


Here, there are traditions and customs – sheep herding. Our family raised sheep, and with us this branch is practically destroyed. You have to invest in this branch.

Author: Sergiu Stefanco

Sergiu currently has a flock of over 300 sheep. In the last ten years, he has been bringing rams every year to obtain his own, native breed. Even if he claims that the work he does is not an easy one, the effort is rewarded by the beautiful results achieved over time.

If in 2010 he milked, on average, 200-300 ml of milk from a sheep, this year the average reaches 1.5 l of milk per day from a sheep.

We have 10 employees, plus me, brother-in-law Andrei and mother, all family members. Here in the village we have 13 families with salaries all year round. Good, bad, we strive to be on time, to cover the needs of each employee’s family.

Author: Sergiu Stefanco

Sergiu’s dream is to expand his flock and be able to support his family by working at home, taking care of sheep and farming.

I think it can be done at home too. Yes, money is made, but at home you are the boss first and foremost. You are the master of yourself and you can demand your rights. And if more people would return home, invest, work, strengthen their forces, put pressure on those who are decision-makers in this state, I think things would change.

Author: Sergiu Stefanco

A country with sheep herding traditions left without sheep

Currently, in our country there are about 432 thousand sheep and almost 300 sheepfolds authorized by the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA), most of them being in the south and center of the country.

Valentin Roșca, head of the Department of Policies in the Livestock Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, explained to AGORA that this field is continuously decreasing.

The main argument would be that this activity would be unattractive and outdated, and young people would not want to practice sheep farming. Another problem would be the lack of pasture. Often local public authorities transfer public lands, pastures, to the management of people who transform them into arable land.

Until 2022, farmers received subsidies per head of animal, which amounted to 500 lei for an adult sheep and 300 lei for a thousand up to 12 months old.

According to Roșca, at the moment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry is working on a new normative framework, and recently the Parliament voted in the second reading a new Law on subsidies in agriculture, based on which the new regulations for the implementation of laws.

I assure you that the new regulations will not be less favorable than what has been so far. We promote the new regulations, and for direct payments for 2023 we keep the formula per head of animal. Starting in 2024, we plan to move to per liter of milk, as we are starting to implement this year in cattle. We give the sheep farmers a year to adjust their conditions. We are planning to increase the subsidies per head of animal a little, when the Government approves we will be able to discuss the figures.

Author: Valentin Roșca, Head of the Policy Department in the Livestock Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry


p class=”mb-8 px-6 md:px-0 font-bitter text-s17-l170 md:text-s18-l170 text-c121212″>According to Law 221 on sanitary-veterinary activity, in the Republic of Moldova you cannot raise more than 50 mature sheep and their young up to the age of six months in households.


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