Extension of the environmental authorization for the Metallurgical Plant and changes to the way of assigning energy vulnerability categories. The latest decisions of the CSE


A regulation on covering the shortage of solid biofuel, used in the heating season by social institutions, will be developed by the Ministry of Energy. Later, the Agency for Energy Efficiency will draw up the list of beneficiaries and the allocated quantities, taking into account the installed power of the thermal plants. The adjustments in this sense were made by the members of the Commission for Exceptional Situations, who met in a new meeting.

According to the Provision, the validity period of the Environmental Authorization regarding waste management and the Authorization for the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere from fixed sources, issued for the SATD “Uzina Metalurgica Moldoveneasca”, was extended until September 30, 2023. The company is required to report the amount of pollutant emissions by the end of the current month.

Another provision of the document refers to the suspension of the activity of the provisional Center for the management of some influxes of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, from Pârlița locality, Fălești district. The institution, under the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will cease its activity, starting on April 3, 2023.

Also, the members of the Commission intervened with a clarification in the Regulation regarding the assignment of energy vulnerability categories and the method of establishing and paying compensations for the payment of energy bills. Thus, when determining the degree of energy vulnerability, the maintenance pension paid will not be excluded from the declared income. All degrees of energy vulnerability, established for the period November 2022 – March 2023, will be recalculated according to this norm by April 30.

Another decision refers to the allocation of financial means, from the Government’s Intervention Fund, to cover the expenses incurred for the management of the refugee crisis. Thus, 4.5 million lei will be distributed for the maintenance of temporary placement centers for refugees, established by local public authorities of the second level, and another 282 thousand lei – of the first level. 879 thousand lei will be allocated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, in order to cover the operating costs of temporary placement centers for refugees, created by public institutions under the central public authorities, and 11.9 thousand lei will be distributed to the centers located in management of the Ministry of Education and Research. At the same time, 295 thousand lei were allocated for granting the compensation increase to employees trained in the management of the refugee crisis.

At the same time, CSE members corrected the amount of financial allocations distributed to refugee centers for the activity carried out between October and December 2022.


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