Delhi COVID Case: XBB1.76 variant is spreading rapidly, isolation wards will be made in every hospital


The current variant of Corona XBB1.76 is spreading very fast and it does not even care about the corona vaccine. Although it is not sever. Due to the increase in the number of corona patients, the Delhi government is going to arrange an isolation bed in each hospital for their treatment. Delhi government will run a campaign to follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reviewed the situation of Corona today. After this, he told that for the last few days, corona cases are increasing in Delhi. Right now the XBB1.76 variant of Corona is spreading very fast. 48 percent of corona infected have this variant and the rest have all its variants.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that this variant does not even care about the corona vaccine. But the matter of relief is that it is not a sewer and due to this there is not much need to hospitalize the infected. At present, out of 7,986 beds reserved for Corona, only 66 are filled. That’s why at present there is no need to panic due to increase in corona cases.

Isolation wards will be made in every hospital, campaign will run for COVID Appropriate Behavior

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that the government is fully prepared to deal with the Corona cases. There are adequate arrangements for oxygen, beds, ventilators, ambulances and tests etc. 100% genome sequencing is being done. Investigations are also being done by taking sewage samples and 5 percent random tests are being done in case of influenza patients.

Along with this, instructions have been given to make isolation wards in every hospital of Delhi government. So that there is no hindrance in the treatment of other patients and the corona infected can be treated well.

To avoid corona, it is necessary to follow COVID Appropriate Behaviour. The government is going to run a campaign for this. Those with symptoms of corona, influenza have been advised to wear masks.


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