Five historical buildings of Nawabs will become heritage hotels, there will be weddings and other functions


Half a dozen brothels of Lucknow, which were witness to the luxury of the Nawabi era, will now become heritage hotels. After the implementation of the new tourism policy of Uttar Pradesh, now these buildings are being overhauled and they are being converted into hotels giving a feel of the Nawabi era. After the hotel is built, luxurious weddings and other events can be held in these 200-year-old buildings on the lines of Rajasthan.

In the new tourism policy of Uttar Pradesh, special incentives have been announced by the government to convert old mansions, mansions and palaces into hotels. After the implementation of the policy, many buildings of Lucknow, which were under the supervision of the Archaeological Department, have now been handed over to the Tourism Department.

These include Chhatar Manzil of Nawabi work, Roshanuddaula Kothi, Gulistane Iram, Kothi Darshan Vilas and Farhat Bakhsh. All these buildings are present in Kaiserbagh, the main market of Lucknow. The Archaeological Department has de-notified these buildings and handed them over to the Tourism Department. The tourism department has prepared a proposal to convert Nawabi buildings into heritage hotels and sent it for the approval of the Council of Ministers.

According to tourism department officials, the heritage hotel will be developed on a private-public partnership (PPP) basis. After getting approval from the Council of Ministers, proposals will be sought from the private sector for this. E-tender will be issued for the proposal. Firstly Chhatar Manzil, Roshan-ud-daula Kothi, Kothi Gulistan-e-Iram and Darshan Vilas Kothi will be developed as heritage hotels. The authority over these buildings will remain with the tourism department, whereas the private sector will oversee and operate the system.

Significantly, all the buildings that take the form of Heritage Hotel were built during the visits of different Nawabs. Chhatar Manzil was constructed 238 years ago and after independence it was handed over to the Central Drug Research Institute. After about 60 years, the CDRI vacated it and handed it over to the Archaeological Department.

Till now the office of the Archaeological Department was running in Roshanuddaula Kothi. Earlier the office of the Directorate General of Health was open in Kothi Darshan Vilas but these days it is empty. Gulistan Iram also had the office of the health department, which was later vacated.

Although the state government also maintained some old buildings under the Smart City project, but they could not be used. Now after converting them into heritage hotels, not only will a large number of tourists come here on the lines of Rajasthan, but weddings and other functions can also be organized.


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