The background of the Europeans’ statements about the revision of relations with China was explained by experts

                        March 22 - BLiTZ.  Europe began to conduct a rapid revision of relations with Beijing.  It is worth noting that Xi Jinping's visit to Russia and successful negotiations with President Putin, Europe showed such a reaction.  Reports "".

Here it is appropriate to mention the visit of the President of the Czech Republic to Germany. Petr Pavel announced a revision of the policy of the Czech Republic and Germany towards China.

One of the main questions that worries many leaders of Western countries is what will be the future behavior of Beijing in the international arena. Russia is waiting for military assistance from China, but there is no clarity on the possible actions of China.

Experts report that Russia and China intend to support each other especially with regard to the protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity of states, security and successful development.

                        Defense News: The United States will use "deep probing" against Russia and China March 22, 2023 at 20:12


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