Qatar International Food Festival succeeds in stealing the limelight


Days after its launch, the 12th edition of the Qatar International Food Festival succeeded in stealing the limelight as a result of the great demand for its entertainment and cultural activities. Qatar Tourism, in cooperation with Qatar Airways, is organizing the festival, which lasts for 11 days. “Qatar Food” is the oldest food and beverage festival in the country, and a major event within Qatar’s annual calendar of events. More than 80 restaurants, cafes and hotels participate in the festival, which lasts until March 21. The activities of the festival, which started on March 11, are expected to attract about 7,000 visitors daily.

The Qatar International Food Festival 2023 includes a variety of entertainment options suitable for all family members. During its eleven days, the festival includes mobile entertainment shows, fireworks shows, and a VIP section.

A skating rink has also been allocated for guests wishing to use it. The festival also includes an integrated section for children, which is supervised by Aura entertainment.

The activities of the Qatar International Food Festival 2023 continue daily from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm during weekdays, and from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am on weekends, noting that admission is free, after pre-registration via the special Visit Qatar website. Among the most prominent partners participating in this year’s edition of the festival are: Talabat, Ooredoo, Askar Industrial Company, Qatar Museums, Year of Culture Qatar-Indonesia 2023, and Expo 2023 Doha Qatar.

The festival offers its visitors the opportunity to learn the arts and secrets of the culinary world, and a wonderful interactive experience with Le Petit Chef, in addition to many wonderful experiences and shows. The Qatar International Food Festival 2023 presents five events within the daily culinary scene, which are presented by more than 29 chefs, among the best and most talented chefs in the region.

Festival-goers who are food lovers can also attend interactive tasting classes that require tickets to attend, where they have a unique opportunity to hone their skills with the best chefs, including Chef Rachel Allen, Chef One, Chef Isat Levent and many more.

Food lovers also have an impressive array of dining options and experiences, and festival guests can also enjoy afternoon tea at Harrods Tea Room.

In this year’s edition, food carts and kiosks serving the most delicious international cuisine will return in 2023, from luxurious Mexican tacos to exquisite Filipino cuisine “kiri kiri”, through a variety of food carts that are available to festival goers.

In celebration of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture 2023, an entire space within the activities of the Qatar International Food Festival is dedicated to exploring and honoring Indonesian cuisine, and an entire section of the festival is devoted to presenting vegetarian food and healthy food options.

The venue of the Qatar International Food Festival 2023 can be easily reached by metro (QNB station) or by car, as there are many parking lots available near Lusail Trail, knowing that the remaining food will be collected and distributed by Hifz Al-Neema, the festival’s charitable partner. In conjunction with the Qatar International Food Festival, Qatar Airways introduced a new set of delicious Qatari national dishes with its distinctive flavors on board its flights and in its award-winning passenger lounges. The national carrier of the State of Qatar has cooperated with world-renowned Qatari chef and food expert Aisha Al-Tamimi to present these delicious dishes and update the menu on board its fleet.

Chef Aisha Al-Tamimi chooses dishes inspired by the Qatari culture, and passengers of Qatar Airways will have the opportunity to taste these dishes rich in Gulf flavors during their flights to many destinations in Asia, the United States, Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in the economy class and business class.

The menu will feature some of the most iconic dishes that Qatar is known for, prepared using organically sourced ingredients and flavored with the finest spices. The new dishes will consist of appetizers, main course, and dessert:

Qatari Chicken Machboos: A dish that contains a number of the most prominent aromatic flavors and consists of chicken cooked with basmati rice, served with daqoos sauce made from red pepper and tomatoes, and garnished with crispy onions, nuts and parsley.

Qatari Madroba: a dish made of crushed wheat grains with boneless chicken, to which a group of Qatari spices, dried lemon and green leaves are added and cooked over low heat and served with Qatari ghee.

Qatari Mashkhool dish: It is a Qatari dish consisting of basmati rice with fried chicken pieces, fried potatoes, fried eggplant, Qatari spices mixed with coconut milk, and garnished with crispy onions and daqoos sauce.

Qatari Chicken Jareesh: Pieces of chicken cooked with wheat, onions, ghee and Qatari spices, garnished with raisins and crispy onions, and served with lemon green pepper sauce.

Breakfast meal on the Qatari way includes balaleet consisting of eggs and vermicelli flavored with cardamom and saffron, eggs and tomatoes which are mashed tomatoes mixed with eggs, daqoos, cumin and coriander, served with Arabic bread.

Beans dish cooked with onions, tomatoes and garlic, served with feta cheese, fresh tomato slices and chopped coriander, served with Arabic bread. Interactive experiences and opportunities to learn the arts and secrets of the world of cooking.


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