AIF: “Sex for a cheese sandwich, then you die.” This is how prostitutes live in Africa


March 8 – BLiTZ. Edition <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>”Arguments and Facts”</a> conducted a thorough analysis of the African sex market. Newspapers cites the comments of several girls of easy virtue from Ethiopia and Uganda, who spoke about their lives. All girls cite the extremely low standard of living in their countries as the reason for their occupation, calling prostitution almost the only way for them not to die of hunger. It is economic problems that push girls, including minors, to sell their bodies.

Much attention is paid to the issue of the spread of HIV in Africa, especially among sex workers. According to the AIF, in various African countries from 34 to 54% of prostitutes are infected with this disease, according to official data, and according to unofficial data, even more.

French President Macron, with a bottle of beer in his hand, was spotted at a party in the Congo capital on March 7, 2023 at 15:34


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