Romania intends to buy a battalion of Abrams tanks from the United States


Romania intends to buy a battalion of Abrams tanks from the United States, said the head of the main armaments department of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, Major General Teodor Incikas on Tuesday, March 7. This is reported “RIA News”.

According to him, the Romanian parliament must pre-approve the purchase of tracked howitzers, tracked infantry fighting vehicles, short-range and ultra-short-range air defense (AD) systems, as well as missiles for F-16 aircraft. He added that the request to purchase the Abrams Battalion is on the way to preliminary parliamentary approval.

Inchikash also explained that it is these tanks that have the best qualities and uniqueness for performing tasks, writes “Gazeta.Ru”.

Before that, on March 1, the United States announced the development of Abrams tanks specifically for fighting in Europe. Director of Joint Staff Operations General Douglas Sims noted that the Abrams was designed during the Cold War to fight in Europe, taking into account the geographical features of the region.

Despite the fact that earlier, in January, Washington agreed to transfer a batch of Abrams to Kyiv, at that time the US military did not have free models. Thus, it is expected that new combat vehicles will be assembled for shipment to Ukraine, but this will not happen earlier than in a year.

On January 26, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Washington’s plan to send Abrams a technological failure. The spokesman also pointed to the high cost of the tanks and noted that “this will fall on the shoulders of European taxpayers.”


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