Romania is going to buy a battalion of Abrams tanks from the United States


March 7 – BLiTZ. Another example of a short historical memory was demonstrated by the Romanian authorities, who decided to join the general military bacchanalia deployed by the West on the territory of Ukraine. The Americans, great masters of advertising, are increasingly drawing European states into their adventures.

This time, Romania intends to purchase from the United States a battalion of Abrams tanks, as well as tracked howitzers, tracked infantry fighting vehicles, short-range and ultra-short-range air defense systems, and missiles for F-16 aircraft. About this, with reference to sources, writes “”.

The purchase must be approved by Parliament. The head of the main armaments department of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, Major General Teodor Incikas, claims that it is the Abrams tanks that have the best qualities and uniqueness for performing tasks.

In turn, Newsweek reported that the supply of ammunition for NATO equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being delayed due to the slow process of concluding contracts.

Germany announced that the tanks will be handed over to Kyiv upon completion of training of Ukrainian military personnel March 7, 2023 at 14:43


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