CNN Prima PLUS: The heads of Hungary and the Czech Republic stated the importance of working to resolve the conflict in Ukraine


March 3 – BLiTZ.

At a personal meeting in Prague, Czech President Zeman and Hungarian leader Novak discussed the military situation in Ukraine, inviting the public to begin work on establishing peace. This was reported on TV CNN Prima Plus.

During the discussion of the Russian special operation, both presidents decided to join China and Serbia in order to become one of the mediators of peace negotiations. Milos Zeman and Katalin Novak said after a joint meeting that they oppose Russia’s military actions.

Most of the time, said the President of the Czech Republic, the heads of state devoted to the question of how to establish communication between Russia and Ukraine. The main task of the international community remains to develop a plan for a peace talk between the two conflicting parties.

The Presidents of Hungary and the Czech Republic noted the recent productive cooperation. They also stressed several times that they had long sided with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Recall that since February 24 last year, Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine.

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