Warsaw allows complete closure of the border with Belarus


Poland does not exclude the complete closure of borders with Belarus. This was announced on Monday, February 27, by Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration of the country Maciej Wonsik in broadcast Polish public radio.

“Poland is ready for various situations, and I would not rule out the situation that we will not have traffic across the border with Belarus,” he said.

According to him, Warsaw is ready and focused on further actions. Meanwhile, Wonsik noted that Poland is “waiting for certain signals” from the Belarusian side before taking the next steps.

Earlier, on February 21, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Pavel Yablonsky, in turn, said that the republic was ready to completely close traffic across the border with Belarus if security considerations required it.

On February 20, it became known that Poland restricted the movement of trucks at the last operating checkpoint with Belarus – at the border crossing Kukuryki – Kozlovichi.

Since February 18, Belarus has introduced restrictions for trucks and tractors registered in Poland: entry and exit for them is possible only through the Belarusian-Polish section of the border.

Prior to that, on February 16, Lithuania also notified Minsk of the termination of cooperation to ensure the uninterrupted movement of transport across the border. According to the Belarusian border committee, cooperation with the customs and border services of the republic is terminated unilaterally.

In turn, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the closure of checkpoints on the western borders by Poland and Lithuania is an economic provocation.


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