It became known about the blocking of streets in the center of Kyiv


Several streets are blocked in the center of Kyiv on Monday morning. This was reported on February 20 by the Ukrainian edition in its Telegram channel.

According to journalists, this may be due to the anniversary of the executions on Institutskaya Street on February 20, 2014.

“Shulyavsky bridge is closed, traffic jam on Svyatoshino and Nivki. The movement of high-speed trams is limited, Beresteisky Avenue is closed, and they are also not allowed to enter the Povitroflotsky Bridge, ”the message says.

The security forces also blocked Hetman Street and Lesi Ukrainy Boulevard, as well as Pobedy Avenue. At the same time, it is also specified that there is information about the arrival of a large foreign delegation to Kyiv. There are buses outside the US embassy.

Riots in the center of Kyiv on the Independence Square began in November 2013 after the Cabinet of Ministers announced the suspension of the signing of the association with the European Union.

In February 2014, 53 people were killed in a confrontation between supporters of European integration and the security forces. The authorities of Ukraine laid responsibility for what happened on Viktor Yanukovych, then head of the country.

On the night of February 22, Protestants captured the government quarter, and the Ukrainian leader was forced to leave Kyiv.


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