In the Moscow garage found a cache of grenade launchers and machine guns


The security forces found a cache of machine guns, explosives and anti-tank grenade launchers in a garage box in the south-east of Moscow. This was announced by a law enforcement source on Monday, February 20.

“On Friday, during the operational-search activities in one of the garages in the south-east of Moscow, a cache of weapons was discovered,” he said in an interview with “RIA News“.

Several Kalashnikov assault rifles, several anti-tank grenade launchers, rifles, more than 15 different pistols, as well as grenades, over 4.2 thousand cartridges of various calibers and 4 kg of TNT were seized from the cache.

The source noted that several criminal cases are being investigated into this fact.

On February 18, in the east of Moscow, in one of the garages, law enforcement officers found explosive devices and weapons, including a grenade launcher, according to the website

Earlier, on November 22, 2022, the FSB Public Relations Center (CSP) reported that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation had detained 68 underground gunsmiths in 31 regions of the country. More than 300 firearms, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and almost 20 kg of explosives were seized.

Earlier, on October 18, it was reported that in September the FSB carried out a large-scale raid against underground gunsmiths. During the month, 45 illegal laboratories were liquidated. A total of 353 firearms, both domestic and foreign, were seized. In addition, 123 artillery shells, mines, 79 kg of explosives, 37.6 thousand rounds of ammunition and much more were found at the underground gunsmiths.

On October 28, four supporters of Ukrainian nationalists were detained in Stavropol for preparing a terrorist attack at an administrative facility. Firearms and explosive devices were found in the places of residence of the detainees, as well as in a hiding place on the territory of the Predgorny district. Methodological literature on the organization of riots and components for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device were also found.


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