In several rivers in Sochi, the water has risen to unfavorable levels


In several rivers in Sochi, due to a downpour, the water rose to unfavorable levels. On Monday, February 20, reports operational headquarters Krasnodar Territory in Telegram.

Sensors recorded a rise in water level to an unfavorable level on the Matsesta River in the Khostinsky District and on the Kuapse and Chemit Rivers in the Lazarevsky District, and on the Ashe River near the village of Khadzhiko – to dangerous phenomena. A heavy downpour led to a dangerous situation.

Rescuers and representatives of the district administration are on duty in Khosta. Traffic on the bridge is temporarily restricted there: it is located in a lowland, so the water has come to its surface, but, according to sensors, the water has not yet risen to the level of a dangerous phenomenon – the “adverse phenomena” level remains.

In the village of Katkova Shchel, a crossing over the Chemit River was partially washed away. It will begin to be restored when the rain stops, now it continues in Sochi. The rivers did not overflow their banks. Representatives of rural and regional administrations are on duty in the settlements located along the riverbeds. Special services are monitoring the situation. To increase the vigilance of the population in the Lazarevsky district, public warning systems have been launched.

Earlier, on February 20, it was reported that in the mountains in Sochi, in the area of ​​​​the bobsleigh track, an avalanche descended along the mudflow allotment. According to forecasts of meteorologists, heavy snow is expected in the mountain zone by the end of the day, and avalanches are dangerous in the mountains at altitudes above 500 m. The Telegram channel of the city administration reported that all services are on high alert. On behalf of the head of Sochi, Alexei Kopaygorodsky, the situation is controlled by the city operational headquarters.

Residents of Sochi and guests of the city were advised to refrain from hiking in the mountains and take the necessary precautions. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the destruction after it is minimal.


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