What to do if you wake up at night


February 19, 2023, 14:16 – BLiTZ – News

The human body is unpredictable. After a long active day, you fall asleep sweetly and suddenly wake up at two in the morning, spinning around in bed, but you can’t fall asleep. Restless sleep is the trouble of modern man. What to do and how to fall asleep after waking up at night – figured out the BLiTZ.

Sleep is superficial, deep and consists of cycles that are approximately equal to 1.5 hours. Awakenings happen for a variety of reasons. You were not tired enough during the day and spent a lot of time in bed. Very stuffy in the bedroom or down mode. It happens that you wake up from tension in the body or from overeating. There are many reasons and you need to understand which ways to fall asleep are suitable for each of them.

Waking up at night can also indicate various human ailments.

What you need to do to sleep soundly and uninterrupted

Suitable temperature for sleep is 19 – 20 degrees. Before going to bed, open the window and ventilate the bedroom. The correct air humidity is very important, recommended 50 – 55%. Get warm, soft, cozy socks made of natural yarn for sleeping. The elastic should not squeeze the vessels on the legs. Use a sleep mask and earplugs. This advice is suitable for those who wake up from the early morning light. Choose a mask made from natural materials. Try to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Walk outside for at least an hour before bed. Add good exercise to your life. When waking up at night, people often have disturbing thoughts about not being able to sleep. In this situation, focus your attention on your breath. Come up with a relaxing ritual two hours before bed: listen to soothing music, light incense or candles. Stop watching gadgets before bed. Get yourself a comfortable bed. Pillow, mattress and blanket should be comfortable. A sound sleep mattress should be of medium or low firmness. The pillow should not be high. Give up bad habits, alcohol and smoking. Review your diet. Do not overeat, heaviness in the stomach will not allow you to sleep normally. Prepare and eat a light dinner 3 hours before bed. Eat melatonin-boosting foods: walnuts, bananas, figs, cherries, and sweet cherries. If the body is weakened, drink a complex of vitamins. Refuse daytime sleep after 16.00. Use a relaxing sleep spray and spray it all over the pillow. With good physical activity, the average duration of sleep is 7 – 8 hours. Don’t just lie in bed. Find something fun to do during the day. Spend as much time in bed as you need to sleep. Go to bed at the same time, ideally fall asleep at 22.00. Take a hot shower or bath before bed. Do breathing exercises. Stop your cat or dog from jumping into your bed. Consult a doctor, undergo an examination, you may need to undergo a course of treatment.


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