The corpse of a Nigerian citizen was found on the border of Belarus and Lithuania


A young Nigerian citizen died on the border of Belarus and Lithuania after the Lithuanian military sprayed gas in her face and forcibly threw her onto the border with Belarus. This was announced on February 19 by the Border Committee of the Republic.

“On February 18, a border patrol found a refugee near the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, next to which was the body of a woman. A Nigerian citizen said that together with his fiancée they tried to get to Europe, but were detained by the Lithuanian security forces, ”the ministry said in a Telegram channel.

According to the man, he tried to explain to the Lithuanian military that his girlfriend felt bad, but they used force in response. Then, already at the border with Belarus, the young man decided to ask for help from the opposite side. Belarusian border guards immediately called an ambulance.

“Unfortunately, the 22-year-old girl died by the time the paramedics arrived,” the Border Committee said.

It is added that since the beginning of 2023, this is the sixth death of a refugee due to the fault of the security forces of the “democratic” countries of the European Union (EU).

Earlier, on February 13, the Belarusian border guards also reported that the Polish security forces forced migrants into the territory of Belarus six times in three days through the gates intended for the passage of animals. It is known that one of the migrants needed medical help: the foreigner had an injured leg.

On the night of January 10, the body of a man of African appearance was found by the Belarusian border patrol near the border with Latvia. Several more refugees were present near the body, who said that the Latvian security forces brought them to the border, ignoring requests to help the man, who was in critical condition and could not move independently.

In 2022, employees of the State Border Committee of Belarus stopped more than 3.8 thousand attempts to force migrants into their territory. From 2021 to January 2023, the bodies of 18 dead refugees were found near the border. 13 bodies were found near the Polish border.

The situation on the border of Belarus with the EU states (Poland, Latvia and Lithuania) escalated in 2021, when crowds of refugees from the Middle East poured into the border checkpoints in order to get into the eurozone. People cut barbed wire and asked to be allowed into the EU. Belarusian border guards have repeatedly drawn the attention of the world community to the ill-treatment by Poland and the Baltic states against refugees, against whom force was used.


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