Neurologist calls Bruce Willis’ illness a ‘one-way ticket’


Frontotemporal dementia, which was diagnosed in American actor Bruce Willis, is a disease that has not been effectively treated today. It can be called a “one-way ticket,” neurologist Yan Vlasov said on February 18 “Russian newspaper.

“Frontotemporal dementia, like all other diseases associated with dementia, means the destruction of brain neurons and their connections by degenerative processes. This is a one way ticket. Back, neurons and their connections are not restored, ”said the specialist.

Vlasov emphasized that the frontal parietal-temporal region of the cerebral cortex is responsible for communication, social behavior, therefore, with the development of dementia, the patient begins to experience disorientation of memory, images, words and faces are not remembered.

In addition, the doctor noted that scientific institutions and private companies are developing a cure for dementia.

“Whoever finds a way to keep mental health first will essentially rule the world,” the neurologist added.

The fact that doctors discovered frontotemporal dementia in Bruce Willis became known the day before, on February 17. The actor’s family said they were relieved when the final diagnosis was finally announced. Relatives of Bruce Willis hoped that their situation would draw public attention to an illness that requires careful and comprehensive research.

Frontotemporal dementia is a poorly understood disease. To date, experts do not know how to deal with it or at least slow down degenerative processes.

As the neurologist of the Nearmedic clinic in Kitai-Gorod Zhaukharat Kudaeva explained on the same day, the exact causes of FTD are still unknown, but in half of the cases, patients have a hereditary predisposition. She told Izvestia that at the first stage of the disease, patients lose their sense of tact, criticism, then they become sloppy, speech and thinking are disturbed. In the third stage of the disease, patients are apathetic, unable to serve themselves.

Prior to that, in March 2022, it became known that 67-year-old Bruce Willis was forced to end his career due to aphasia. This disorder is manifested by impaired cognitive abilities and loss of the ability to speak.


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