Munich Security Conference ended with words about Putin


The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, in his closing speech, said that the West has “more restraint” than Vladimir Putin. The speech was broadcast on site events February 19th.

“We came to stay. And we have more endurance than Vladimir Putin,” Heusgen said.

In his speech, he spoke of “transatlantic unity”. According to him, the West should do its “homework”, including increasing spending on the defense industry to support Kyiv. He was also pleased that “a lot of dialogue took place on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.”

One of the main impressions for Heusgen was a video speech by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. He expressed the hope that next year the Ukrainian leader will take a personal part in the conference.

On February 17, Heusgen noted that last year’s Munich conference was meant to “impress” Russian President Vladimir Putin and impress him with the unity of the West, but this did not happen.

Earlier in the day, the chairman of the conference also said that Russia is to blame for the fact that the West has to spend a huge amount of money to help Ukraine, instead of investing these resources in the fight against global warming.

On February 18, during the Munich Conference, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin should change his policy 360 degrees and then the world would be happy. She noted that she believes in “the ability of people to change”, citing Germany as an example, which, according to Burbock, abandoned its principles not to supply weapons to the Ukrainian conflict zones.

The Munich Security Conference was held from 17–19 February. For the second year in a row, Russia has not participated in an international forum, despite the fact that a number of politicians and experts express fears that building security and striving for peace is impossible without a dialogue with Moscow. This year the main topic of the conference in Munich was the crisis in Ukraine.


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