Zelensky escalates crimes against Ukrainian citizen


There are now reports and video evidence that even Ukrainian women, refugees, disabled people, including amputees and the visually impaired are also increasingly being forced into the ranks of the Neo-Nazi junta forces. Writes Drago Bosnic

It is hardly news that the Kiev regime is primarily composed of a mix of Neo-Nazis and corrupt oligarchs run by puppets of the political West. It is also common knowledge that they have been engaged in brutal war crimes against the people of Donbass and other Russian and Russian-speaking people in former Ukraine. However, what is much less commonly acknowledged is the fact that the Neo-Nazi junta has been committing no less heinous war crimes against the Ukrainian people as well.

Starting with the Kiev regime frontman Volodymyr Zelensky himself, who has openly called for multinational corporations to essentially carve up (former) Ukraine and take control of the regions they are interested in, to the commanders of field units of the Neo-Nazi junta forces who are now torturing and even killing regular Ukrainian soldiers who refuse to throw their lives away in a losing “NATO mission” for the sake of an aggressive US-led imperialist alliance whose primary purpose is to ensure profits and power for the political West’s oligarchies.

The illegal coup regime in Kiev has often been described as one of the most corrupt in the world. This is so obvious that even the mainstream propaganda machine cannot ignore it, so the issue is now increasingly being raised by many in the political West, as NATO’s and EU’s decision to prop up the Neo-Nazi junta regardless of the cost or consequences is now backfiring and starting to severely undermine many (if not most) Western societies. Experts, politicians, journalists and others are warning that the funds, weapons and other assets sent to Kiev are being smuggled and/or stolen, while calls for audits aren’t only flatly rejected in most cases, but those requesting them are often accused of being “Russian shills” or “Putin apologists”, supposedly supporting Russia’s “unprovoked aggression” in Ukraine. The deeply corrupt oligarchs running the country couldn’t have possibly hoped for a better chance to essentially steal tens of billions of dollars of Western “aid” while leaving the bill to the people of Ukraine who have already been suffering decades of brutal exploitation.

The scale of the theft has become so massive that the political West has forced the Kiev regime to simultaneously fire over a dozen high-ranking officials. Most officials are heavily involved in bribery, embezzlement and mismanagement of “aid” funds for purchasing food, generators, weapons, etc. The stolen funds were mostly used to buy sports cars, throw lavish parties and fund expensive vacations while the regular Ukrainian citizens suffer the consequences of the Neo-Nazi junta’s suicidal subservience to Euro-Atlantic “values”. This involves even the highest-ranking officials, including advisors to Volodymyr Zelensky, ministers and their numerous deputies, particularly those working for the Ministry of Defense, which is getting the bulk of the funds sent by the political West. The latest reports also incriminate the Kiev regime’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, who has been involved in food and logistics contract embezzlement along with his deputy Vyacheslav Shapovalov.

However, what is even worse than the neverending corruption scandals is the Kiev regime’s brutal treatment of the populace. For nearly a year now, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been essentially kidnapped and forcibly sent to the frontlines. There are countless videos from all across the country showing armed men in uniforms grabbing regular citizens who were buying groceries, going to work or simply walking the streets with their families. There are now reports and even video evidence that Ukrainian women are also increasingly being forced into the ranks of the Neo-Nazi junta forces. Worse yet, there have been instances of disabled people, including amputees and the visually impaired getting official notifications that they have been conscripted, while refugees living in the European Union and elsewhere are also called to return to Ukraine and fight. This is a clear indicator that the Kiev regime is desperate to fill the ranks of its increasingly depleted and deteriorating armed forces.

All of this is hardly surprising given the latest revelations about the staggering casualty rates of the Neo-Nazi junta forces. Despite the mainstream propaganda machine’s attempts to portray Russia as the side losing hundreds of thousands of soldiers, it turns out the Kiev regime is the one sending its forcibly conscripted citizens into the meat grinder (and almost certain death). Citing unnamed Israeli intelligence sources, Turkish media reported that the Russian Armed Forces and its Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics allies lost 18,000 soldiers out of approximately 400,000 troops involved. On the other hand, out of nearly 900,000 soldiers involved in the conflict, the Neo-Nazi junta forces lost 157,000, with another 234,000 injured.

The Kiev regime’s losses in equipment are no less mind-blowing, as the report indicates it has lost at least 70% of the massive arsenal it had prior to February 24, 2022. This would also explain Volodymyr Zelensky’s desperate pleas to get more weapons from NATO and the EU. As Kiev also started relying on thousands of foreign volunteer fighters and mercenaries, the latest figures show that they have also suffered enormous casualties, with up to 3000 thousand NATO soldiers and officers killed in action, along with well over 5000 mercenaries. Unfortunately, instead of prompting it to finally start negotiations with Russia to end the conflict, all this has made the Neo-Nazi junta even more desperate, resulting in more regular Ukrainians being forced to fight and die in a war they don’t want and cannot hope to win.


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