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February 18, 2023, 09:33 – BLiTZ – News

RIA Novosti columnist David Narmania spoke about the consequences of the crash in Ohio of a freight train with chemicals and a fire, which caused environmental pollution.

“Thousands of dead animals are found in Ohio, people only drink bottled water. But the incident that happened back in early February was only now being talked about, ”the author noted.

A Norflok Southern Corp freight train en route from Illinois to Pennsylvania derailed near East Palestine on February 3 around 9:00 am. Of the 150 wagons, 50 went downhill. The accident started a fire. A state of emergency has been declared in the area. More than 1500 people were evacuated from there. Two days later, the temperature in the cars reached a critical point. According to Ohio Gov. Mike Devine, its further increase threatened to explode.

“So we decided on a controlled release of toxic chemicals. This has led to pollution, the extent of which has yet to be assessed,” the media representative emphasized.

He noticed that 20 wagons were carrying flammable vinyl chloride, which emits carbon monoxide and phosgene. The substance also contains hydrogen chloride, which is heavier than air and can accumulate in the folds of the terrain.

At the Department of Physical Geography of the World and Geoecology of Moscow State University, they warned that “aerosols formed during the combustion of chemicals spread with precipitation over a large area.” Because of this, it will be necessary at least to clear the soil.

According to preliminary data, the fire happened near the city of Lithonia, located just 20 km from the accident site. Local residents were allowed to return home five days after the emergency. At the same time, people complain of an unpleasant smell, headache, nausea.

According to them, on the day of the release of chemicals, there was a “stinging in the eyes, a terrible headache”, “burned lips, tongue, throat.” “About 3,500 dead fish were collected in local rivers. The water is covered with oily spots. Domestic animals are sick, some have died,” the speaker emphasized. At the same time, Ohio authorities claim that the content of hazardous substances in water and air does not exceed the norm.

Narmania pointed out that American “officials are looking for someone to blame.” In particular, the governor of the neighboring state of Pennsylvania accused Norfolk Southern Corp that the company did not agree with the authorities on the plan of action after the disaster and “provided false information about the consequences of the release of chemicals.”

Ohio Senator James Vance chided Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for hushing up the issue. “He does not say that after two weeks the river is still in the same condition. As well as the fact that the accident rate on the railway is critical, ”he was indignant.

Netizens have already given the incident a name – “the second Chernobyl”. “Locals are advised to rename East Palestine, where the accident occurred, to Kyiv, ironically remarking that in this case “there is a chance to attract attention [президента США] Joe Biden,” the journalist concluded.

Earlier, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) adviser James Rickards said that US President Joe Biden is preparing a “terrible ending” for the Ukrainian conflict. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.


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