The doctor revealed the danger of not wearing a bra


Failure to wear a bra can lead to a loss of shape of the breast, while an improperly fitting bra is also a health hazard. Tatyana Bedayeva, chief physician of the Esthetic Clinic network, warned about this in an interview with Izvestia on Saturday, February 18.

“We all know that not wearing a bra can take a toll on aesthetics, because without additional support, gravity has a stronger effect on the skin and shape of the breast. Stretching the skin can cause the breasts to lose their original shape more quickly. But there is no direct correlation between a bra and health. More precisely, to date there are no studies confirming or refuting that wearing or refusing a bra in itself can provoke cancer or other breast diseases, ”the expert noted.

At the same time, an incorrectly selected shape or an inappropriate size of the bodice can indeed lead to negative consequences for the body, such as impaired blood circulation and lymph flow. This, in turn, provokes at least swelling, and can also lead to health problems in the long run. Therefore, it is important to be regularly observed by a mammologist and undergo examinations, Bedayeva emphasized.

“A properly selected bodice should not squeeze or pinch anything, and after removing it, no traces should remain on the skin. The feeling of constant discomfort in itself is not the norm, and if an improperly chosen bra also provokes permanent disturbances in the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, then this is a serious reason to think about changing this wardrobe item or getting rid of it altogether, ”the doctor said. .

According to her, when choosing the second option, potential problems can be solved with the help of modern aesthetic medicine, which can maintain and even restore the shape of the breast and skin tone.

“For example, there are methods of hardware cosmetology, such as electrical myostimulation of the muscles of the thoracic region, which forms a muscular frame and tightens the skin, providing a toned breast shape. You can also use a bandage wrap for the chest, this procedure is aimed at restoring the functioning of the lymphatic system and, thanks to special serums, tightens the skin. Various skin care products that can be used in home care will also help maintain skin tone, ”Bedaeva listed.

In November 2022, plastic surgeon Amjad Al-Yousef told Izvestia about the indications for reduction mammoplasty, that is, breast reduction surgery. He noted that, although large breasts are the dream of many women, in fact, voluminous forms are not always convenient and more often only cause additional problems for their owners.


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