Appeared footage of the assault on a flower shop in the center of Moscow


On February 17, Izvestia obtained footage of the assault on a flower shop in Moscow, where two men held the seller hostage.

The footage shows how the special forces officers quickly broke into the outlet. The saleswoman was not injured.

According to Izvestia, the incident took place in a flower shop on Taganskaya Street, where an unknown person took a man and a woman hostage.

There was also information that the security guard managed to press the “panic button” after an unknown person broke into the store. He was detained by the special forces who arrived at the scene.

Later it became known that the police detained two men who had taken a female seller hostage. One of the attackers had a traumatic gun.

At the moment, police officers are interrogating the detainees right on the spot.

Presumably, the men are insane, possibly drunk.


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