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February 17, 2023, 15:47 – BLiTZ – News

The life of a prisoner of war can hardly be called comfortable even if they are kept in accordance with the requirements of international law. And those who fell into Ukrainian captivity can only pray in order to simply survive. Those who are lucky enough to return look exhausted both mentally and physically, military psychologist Alexei Zakharov said. The specialist told the BLiTZ what the prisoners are fed and how they are treated in Ukraine.

“They come back exhausted. Needless to say, they are normally fed there or provided with medical care. It is in our country that Ukrainian prisoners are fed normally, and our soldiers are fed with all sorts of nonsense, garbage. Literally from waste, they cook a gruel from potato peels, from expired products. Not to mention the fact that often this is not hot food, even soups are given cold. It is clear that food from waste smells disgusting, not tasty, but also unhealthy, ”the specialist listed.

He added that, according to former prisoners of war, they often had to cook for themselves from whatever they needed. In addition, people are beaten, threatened and morally abused. But the worst thing that most of all affects the psyche of the prisoners is the lack of a guarantee that they will be left alive. It is on this that their tormentors skillfully play.

After returning from captivity, the servicemen are sent to the hospital, where they undergo rehabilitation, including psychological rehabilitation. The average time is two weeks. After that, the fighters return home, to their relatives, or they ask again to the NWO zone. As the psychologist notes, the latter are driven by the desire to avenge the cruelty and bullying of the enemy.

Alexei Zakharov also assessed the mental state of the soldiers after the Ukrainian captivity and what problems await them in the future. In his opinion, they need a year-long rehabilitation with subsequent socialization in civilian life.

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