The State Duma adopted a law on the state language, limiting the use of foreign words


The State Duma of Russia adopted in the second and third readings a new law that should protect the Russian language from the excessive use of foreign words and borrowings. The document was published on Thursday, February 16, at site thoughts.

The draft law assumes the inadmissibility of the use of foreign words that have no commonly used analogues in the Russian language.

According to the authors, the new law will increase the general level of literacy of the population, as well as the correctness of the use of the Russian language and will ensure control over the quality of the preparation of grammars, dictionaries and reference books. In the latter, the norms of the modern Russian language will be prescribed.

The government will form and approve the list of these dictionaries.

In the case of using the Russian language as the state language, it will be prohibited to use words and expressions that violate modern literary norms.

On January 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin included in the foundations of the state cultural policy of the country the fight against obscene words and the excessive use of foreign vocabulary.

Prior to that, on December 13, 2022, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a government bill on monitoring compliance by officials and citizens with the norms of the Russian literary language. Its purpose is to protect the language from the abundant use of foreign words and to oblige officials to avoid borrowed words in the presence of analogues in Russian.

The bill was submitted to the State Duma at the end of October. According to the authors of the bill, these measures can increase the general level of literacy of Russians, the correct use of the Russian language, and also ensure “quality control over the preparation of a single corpus of grammars, dictionaries, reference books.”


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