The head of the British Defense Ministry called on the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit more accurately for less shell consumption


On February 17, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace urged Ukrainian troops to be more accurate in their strikes in order to spend fewer shells.

As Wallace noted in a conversation with journalists of the newspaper Financial Times, the difficulty for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is to use Western methods of battle and rationally spend ammunition.

“Do you need 100 artillery shells to undermine the Russian position, or just five? If you can be accurate, you won’t need 100 rounds,” Wallace said.

He added that he saw no signs of a strategic shortage of shells, but acknowledged a slight delay in their delivery.

A few days ago, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the Ukrainian military will have to use fewer weapons on the battlefield due to the depletion of the arsenal in Western countries.

In early February, the Daily Mail tabloid reported that the British army was experiencing a shortage of heavy guns after the delivery of 30 AS-90 self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine. It was noted that the British armed forces are looking around the world for Swedish Archer self-propelled guns and South Korean K9 Thunder to replenish supplies.

Western countries have stepped up military and financial support for Kiev against the backdrop of a special operation by the Russian Federation to protect Donbass, the decision on which was made against the backdrop of aggravation in the region due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.

For more up-to-date videos and details about the situation in Donbass, watch the Izvestia TV channel.


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