The expert spoke about the benefits of using airplane mode in a smartphone


Using the airplane mode function, you can extend the battery life of your smartphone and protect your personal data. On Friday, February 17, he told the agency “Prime” director of the Competence Center for Information Security of T1 Group Viktor Gulevich.

When airplane mode is turned on, your mobile device does not use power to search for a cellular network and does not run out of power for longer. In the same simple way, you can reduce the time to recharge the gadget.

In addition, activating and deactivating airplane mode restarts the process of discovering new towers – this method can be useful if the signal disappears for no apparent reason.

If you accidentally click on an untrusted link, you can protect your personal data from fraudsters by interrupting the download of web content. To do this, you will need to put your smartphone into airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi, if this did not happen automatically.

Finally, a device in airplane mode cannot be tracked by GPS signals, so the owner, if desired, can hide his location from strangers.

Earlier, on January 25, Kirill Sitnov, a lecturer at the Moscow School of Programmers (MSP), explained why a worn-out or low-quality smartphone battery can be dangerous. So, a battery that swells after the expiration date can ignite, and a fake one can burst. The expert also warned against using a deformed device in which the battery could be disrupted.

Prior to this, on January 20, in January, Android smartphone users were warned about a new Hook virus that transfers user data to the operator and establishes full control over the gadget.


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