Russians warned about the risk of blocking calls when buying Chinese smartphones


Smartphones intended for the Chinese market should be purchased with caution as there is a risk of blocking voice calls. This was announced on Friday, February 17, by Alexander Sivolobov, Deputy Head of the Skoltech-based NTI Competence Center for Wireless Communications and the Internet of Things.

The expert noted that the owners of fresh OnePlus, Realme and OPPO models, which are intended for sale only in the Chinese market, faced blocking voice calls. A similar situation, he said, could happen with Xiaomi.

“The advice is very simple: never buy smartphones designed for the Chinese market. In online stores, they are usually marked with a CN label and a corresponding signature. It’s better to check several times than to run into problems later,” Sivolobov said. “RIA News”.

He also added that the locks may be related to the security system of smartphones. So far, according to the expert, it will not be possible to change the situation even when changing the firmware. In his opinion, there are only two solutions: either “the craftsmen will make a working firmware”, or an update from the manufacturer will be released that will fix the problem.

Earlier, on February 11, Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin told Izvestia that reports of blocking calls, in particular on OnePlus 11 smartphones in Russia, are not true. He stated that regardless of where the phone was activated – in China or in Russia, it works properly. Only a warning comes out, there are no blockings, calls follow, Murtazin explained.


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