Military psychologist Zakharov told how the Russian military is treated in Ukrainian captivity


February 17, 2023, 13:21 – BLiTZ – News

The condition of the servicemen who returned from Ukrainian captivity requires a long rehabilitation. This assessment was given by the military psychologist Alexei Zakharov, who works with military personnel in the NVO zone. In an interview with the BLiTZ, the specialist spoke about the main problems that prisoners have to face.

“Most come back euphoric. They are pleased with the very fact that they are already at home and everything is fine, that all the terrible things are behind them. Therefore, on the rise, they feel normal, meet with their relatives. But this rise is temporary, then memories of the experience come back, psychological problems, psychosomatic illnesses begin. All fighters who have been captured need a long-term rehabilitation, up to a year, ”said the military psychologist.

Life in captivity is always stressful, and even more so if it is Ukrainian captivity, where people are sometimes treated worse than animals. Even if the servicemen are lucky and they end up in a prison-type institution where there is relative order and discipline, they are subjected to undeserved humiliation.

“The prisoners of war with whom I worked tell a lot of bad things. There were beatings and threats. Understanding that at any moment you can be hit, humiliated and hurt is a difficult thing. And you have no guarantee of life, no guarantee of life at all! Sometimes they are treated like animals. True, the Nazis carried out purposeful and serious work to reduce people to the state of animals, there is no such system in Ukraine, everything happens spontaneously. Violation of all the rights of prisoners is on the face, ”Aleksey Zakharov described the situation.

Along with moral harassment and beatings, prisoners are poorly kept and fed, and they are not provided with medical assistance. They return physically and mentally exhausted. Therefore, immediately after returning from captivity, they are sent to hospitals.

“They are being examined there, doctors are working, psychological rehabilitation is being carried out. The fighters spend about two weeks in the hospital if there are no serious health problems. Then they return home to their relatives or, if they wish, back to the NWO zone. For those who return to combat operations, it is a little easier – front-line activities will compensate them, they will begin to reach out for their comrades. But they still need rehabilitation when they return home.

Full rehabilitation takes at least a year. This issue has not yet been worked out to the end, we do not have a civilian rehabilitation system for former military personnel. But this needs to be done so that those who have undergone SVO have a full-fledged adaptation, they need help. They must be led, they must be helped, ”the specialist concluded.

A military psychologist said that the most surprising Ukrainian soldiers in Russian captivity. He also explained the tears of a Banderist at the sight of a surviving soldier whom he tortured.

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