A giant line formed at Sheremetyevo Airport for security checks


Sheremetyevo Airport, which had previously recommended arriving early due to increased waiting times for pre-flight screening, has formed a giant line of passengers waiting to be screened and checked in for a flight. This is evidenced by video frames published on the evening of February 17 in Telegram channels.

As follows from the video, passengers stand with suitcases for several hundred meters, so the queue stretched almost to the entire terminal.

Earlier that day, the press service of the air harbor warned that due to increased passenger traffic during peak morning and evening periods, the waiting time for pre-flight inspection at Terminal B could increase. It was reported that long queues for check-in lined up at Sheremetyevo. Employees can not cope with a large number of passengers.

Earlier, on January 10, it was reported that at the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport, during pre-flight maintenance, when the self-propelled ladder was driven away, the paintwork of the aircraft door was damaged. This happened due to the fact that the worker performing the ground handling of the gangway had a deterioration in health, he was sent to a medical facility.


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