The doctor called the ways to avoid the most common “senile” diseases


Joint disease is the most common problem faced by older people. On Thursday, February 16, a rheumatologist at JSC Medicina (clinic of Academician Roitberg), Ph.D.

As the specialist noted, joint diseases can be triggered by various factors, including genetic predisposition, congenital diseases, disorders in the natural production of collagen, excessive stress on the joints, injuries received in youth, overweight, hormonal disorders in women with the onset of menopause. In addition, over the years, the body can produce antibodies to cartilage tissues, which causes their death.

“In old age, osteoporosis can also be encountered. This disease entails various complications, the most dangerous of which is a fracture of the femoral neck. In an elderly person, osteoporosis develops against the background of injuries of the ligaments and bones, metabolic disorders, inflammation in the connective tissues, hormonal failure, decreased immunity and dysplasia. The changes that occur in the cartilage tissue lead to the destruction of the joint and pain during movement,” Stepanova warned.

According to the doctor, in order not to face diseases of the joints in old age, it is worth thinking about their prevention at a young age. So, it is important to maintain a normal weight: extra pounds put additional stress on the joints and, as a result, provoke their destruction. The hip and knee joints are most affected.

“The problem can also arise at a younger age, if a person has been overweight since childhood. Normal body weight ensures an even distribution of the load on the joints, ”the rheumatologist emphasized.

She also drew attention to the importance of proper nutrition. In particular, food should be rich in vitamin D and calcium – these substances are good for healthy bones and joints. Proper nutrition will also help maintain normal weight.

“Watch your posture and working posture. The workload of the joints depends on them. During sedentary work, it is necessary to adjust the position of the desktop, chair, computer, and also regularly stretch your arms and back. Monotonous physical work affects the health of the joints of the hand, elbow and shoulder joints, ”explained Stepanova.

In addition, the doctor advised regular exercise to strengthen all muscle groups. In this case, overvoltage during exercise should not be allowed – this can lead to injury and destruction of the joints.

“Choose comfortable shoes, even if you don’t have joint problems. It should not squeeze the leg and have too high a heel – this can lead to muscle strain and destruction of the joints. Women who are accustomed to wearing high-heeled shoes should regularly engage in gymnastics and stretching, ”added the rheumatologist.

On February 7, neurologist Galina Chudinskaya listed the rules that, if observed in youth, will help preserve memory and avoid dementia in old age. As one of the ways to prevent dementia, the doctor called work in multitasking mode.


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