Russia has something to respond harshly to Western sanctions – DOS


February 16, 2023, 17:11 – BLiTZ – News The European Union failed to agree on the next, already tenth, package of economic anti-Russian sanctions.

According to experts, this time the stumbling block was synthetic rubber, which Russia exports to individual EU countries.

European politicians are interested in defending the interests of their own producers and therefore are trying to slow down the blocking of Russian petrochemical products.

own point of view on this issue. introduced historian, diplomat, politician Nikolai Platoshkin:

It’s already enough. They impose against Russia only those sanctions that do not harm them much. For example, the Americans have not stopped buying Russian titanium for Boeing. They don’t have their own titanium, so they don’t impose sanctions.

Last year we supplied the EU countries with synthetic rubber worth $700 million. Car tires are made from this material. Germany and Italy are against sanctions, and these are the largest car manufacturers. If they ban the import of Russian synthetic rubber, then their auto industry will stop. Tens of thousands of people will be out of work. You can imagine a car without a radio, but it will be difficult to drive without wheels.

Why does Russia not respond to such initiatives?

You can say this: “If you impose sanctions against us in other sectors, then we will stop supplying you with rubber.” And then the Europeans will think a hundred and fifty times before introducing a new package of sanctions against Russia.


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