Participants of the REN TV Fight Club held an open training session


On the eve of the opening of the season, participants of the REN TV Fight Club held an open training session on February 15.

All the fighters ended up in the same hall and chose not to give out all their skills. At the same time, Fernando Rodriguez staged a provocation – he showed an obscene gesture to his future rival Gadzhi (Automatic) Navruzov and left a caustic comment about him.

“I was not impressed with the way he trains. I got in good shape when I fought with Vladimir Mineev, now I have become even better. And he is weak, slow – I was not impressed, ”said the Brazilian to an Izvestia correspondent.

Navruzov, in response, advised the children who came to the training and tried to arrange a duel with Rodriguez to hit harder.

Petr Romankevich did not comment on the upcoming fight with Saulo Cavalari and left as soon as possible to another room. The Brazilian stayed, but did not warm up very actively.

“I try to be very careful. There are too many fans of Piotr Romankiewicz here. I think they want to torture my secrets. But I came here to upset all the fans of Romankevich,” he explained his tactics.

Artem Tarasov will face professional kickboxer David Khachatryan. The Russian fighter said that he was not afraid of the opponent’s skills.

“The more interesting the battle. I don’t need weak opponents: Alexander Emeyanenko. Vyacheslav Datsik, Mikhail Koklyaev. I need the strongest in kickboxing. I will make sure that the whole hall and those who will be at the TV screens shout “Artem,” Tarasov said.

The opening of the 2023 season of the REN TV Fight Club will take place on February 17 in Minsk. Four fights will be held this evening, which will be fought according to the rules of kickboxing.

One of the most anticipated events of the evening will be the fight between Piotr Romankevich and Saulo Cavalari. Gadzhi (Automatic) Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez will also fight in the ring. Their competition will be held in the status of a rematch, since in August 2022 the athletes had already met and the fight ended with the victory of Rodriguez.

In addition to the fight between the pop-MMA star Tarasov and the Armenian kickboxing champion Khachatryan, Islam Murtazaev and Sergey Ponomarev will meet in battle.

The REN TV channel will broadcast the tournament live, which will begin on February 17 at 23:00 Moscow time. Undercard broadcasts will be available in public REN TV “VK Video”.


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