Lawyer Garina told in what cases a parent can be limited in rights


February 16, 2023, 11:59 – BLiTZ – News An acute question about the upbringing of children arises at the time of dissolution of marriage. Often, ex-spouses try to limit one of the parents in parental rights.

Alina Garina, an expert of the Ombudsman for Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Moscow, spoke about the procedure for restricting parental rights of one of the parents. transmits

According to her, each life situation in a particular case will be considered by the court separately. Citizens exercising parental rights to the detriment of the interests and rights of children may be limited in parental rights.

Moreover, the restriction is allowed if leaving the child with a parent is dangerous for the child due to circumstances beyond the control of such a parent. For example, the presence of a severe mental disorder.

“Restriction of parental rights is possible only by a court decision and if there are substantial grounds for this,” the lawyer warned.

Garina clarified that the parent is still obliged to pay child support, despite the restriction of parental rights. Payments can be made voluntarily or by court order.

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