Private clinics may be allowed to write prescriptions online


Private clinic networks may be given the right to write prescriptions online, through teleconsultations. This follows from the draft government decree, which Izvestia has read. In the near future it is planned to put it up for public discussion.

Now, according to the law “On the Fundamentals of Protecting the Health of Citizens”, a doctor can talk about disease prevention, analyze patient complaints, evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and decide on the need for an in-person appointment, but not write prescriptions during an online consultation. Only the attending physician, who made the diagnosis at the face-to-face appointment, can even correct the previously prescribed treatment during the teleconsultation.

At the same time, the law states that this mechanism can be changed for private clinics participating in the experimental legal regime (EPR). It is this regime for 15 medical companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm and Izhevsk (in particular, Doctor Nearby, Medsi, RenKlinika) that provides for a draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The document contains two innovations. Another doctor will be able to continue treatment, and not just the one who made the diagnosis – everything is at the choice of the patient. Among the restrictions, it is indicated that only a doctor whose experience is at least seven years can do this. He should work in the same network of clinics where the diagnosis was made, and correction or the appointment of a new treatment is possible only for a previously established disease.

The doctor will also be able to “form a prescription” in the form of an electronic document, but only according to the diagnosis that was established at the face-to-face appointment.

Experts noted the half-hearted nature of the innovation. The press service of the network of clinics “Doctor Nearby” noted that the EPR was previously requested by businesses, primarily to be able to make a primary diagnosis and write out a prescription during a teleconsultation, without a mandatory face-to-face visit to the doctor.

“But now, apparently, everything has come down to the possibility of assigning a recommendation upon re-applying,” the company noted.

But even this option is a step forward in the development of telemedicine, experts admit.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:


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