Izvestia saw the advance of Russian forces in the Donetsk direction


The clashes in the Donetsk direction are becoming more and more fierce. The 1st Donetsk Army Corps has already breached the enemy’s defenses, was able to capture several fortified areas and, building on success, is pushing the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) out of the village of Vodiane, which is the most important defense hub of Ukrainian armed formations in this area. Izvestia visited the village under the cover of night and saw the situation, which remains unsafe.

The correspondent said that in the dark, the fighters manage to move more easily thanks to the glow of Donetsk, which is still close to the line of contact. The weather also favors not using lanterns for moving, in order, at the same time, to see the silhouettes of those walking, craters from shells, as well as tracks from tracked vehicles.

Ukrainian militants use lighting mines. APUs launch several of them at short intervals to highlight the place of interest to them. As planned, attack aircraft should approach the illuminated area, take up positions and strike at Russian units.

The village of Vodiane is almost completely destroyed. Near the houses there are shelters for armored vehicles and former Ukrainian positions.

“We move at night, because the enemy has very good eyes. There are fortified areas from which the enemy looks very well, even without quadrocopters. We are in the middle of the village, and the main forces have already gone ahead, ”explains a soldier of the 1st Army Corps with the call sign Prokhodchik.

The battles for the village were difficult, but in the end the enemy lost important positions and suffered heavy losses, the correspondent added.

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