The doctor spoke about the relationship of ailments in the body


February 14, 2023, 08:00 – BLiTZ – News Everything in our body is interconnected. We often hear that diseases of the spine, muscles of the neck and back, shortness of breath and bad habits can provoke malocclusion and other pathologies of the dentoalveolar system. But it also happens vice versa, when back pain is caused by problems with the teeth. Aleksey Tarasov, a gnatologist, orthopedic dentist, specialist in functional diagnostics of the TMJ, told the BLiTZ how to treat such ailments.

Incorrect relationship of the jaws and anomalies of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) lead to hypertonicity of the muscles of the neck and back. And this is called downward influence.

Then the dentist-gnatologist is engaged in the treatment. It affects all elements of the dental system, including the TMJ, its bone and ligament structures, muscles of the face, neck, teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

“Moreover, the gnatologist is concerned not only with the state of structures in statics, but first of all in dynamics. To do this, a series of tests are carried out to identify the presence of postural problems and determine which influence prevails – ascending or descending. If the gnatologist diagnoses a downward influence, then the treatment is based on reducing muscle hypertonicity, aligning the position of the head and posture, ”the doctor said.

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Often, to obtain the best result, related specialists are involved in the work – a radiologist, an orthodontist, a neurologist, an osteopath. An integrated approach allows you to restore the correct functioning of the dentition, relieve pain and improve the aesthetics of the patient’s face, Alexey Tarasov added.

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