Producers of counterfeit food will be excluded from public procurement


The Public Consumer Initiative (PII) has proposed the government to tighten measures aimed at combating counterfeit products in Russia.

This means that the composition of the product does not correspond to that indicated on the packaging. For example, on the container, the manufacturer indicates animal fats, but uses vegetable fats, for example, palm oil.

To identify such “mistakes” can only be in the laboratory. The PIO proposed not only to exclude adulterated products from stores and catering establishments, but also to prevent violators from being sold. This applies to retail trade, as well as public procurement.

In order to implement such a scenario, all violators should be placed on a black list, which will become prohibitive. The public organization wrote about this to the head of government, Mikhail Mishustin. Until the Cabinet of Ministers has received the document, Izvestia was told in the government apparatus.

Such a measure is preventive, it does not require regulators to constantly conduct unscheduled inspections, the public emphasized in the letter. And this means that there is no need to correct the current regulation regarding state control.

The experts mentioned that such solutions are already used in the contract procurement system. There, for example, there is a register of unscrupulous suppliers, contractors and performers, it is maintained by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. It lists companies that are not allowed to bid and public procurement: they previously violated the rules of the competition.

A source in the manufacturer’s market added that now in Russia there really are such blacklists of unscrupulous suppliers, where the company can be entered by a court decision if it does not comply with the terms of the contract, including on the quality and safety of the goods. However, maintaining such lists is not always efficient: a company can register another legal entity and continue to work on a government order, where a low price is still a priority when choosing a supplier.

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