Political scientist Markov listed four reasons why Western sanctions against Russia failed


February 14, 2023, 09:43 – BLiTZ – News Political scientist Sergei Markov said that sanctions restrictions against the Russian Federation failed for several reasons. His point of view on this issue expressed in an interview with the publication “Evening Moscow”.

According to Markov, the Russian economy has not deteriorated, but, on the contrary, will grow this year.

As the political scientist noted, firstly, the restrictions did not work because of the scale of the Russian economy. Thanks to this, the state is able to withstand various factors.

“Internally, the economy produces quite a lot. That is, it is self-sufficient, so external sanctions cannot somehow hit hard,” the specialist emphasized.

Also, the failure of the sanctions policy can be explained by the “archaic” structure of exports, the political scientist believes. Thus, according to Rosstat, until 2022, the share of fuel and energy in exports was 54.3%.

In addition, the expert recalled that only 52 states imposed sanctions, while a number of countries with strong economies did not.

The last reason for the collapse of sanctions from the West, the political scientist called the resilience of the Russians. Markov believes that the country survived the 90s, after which its inhabitants are not so serious about the current restrictions.

Earlier, the Swiss leadership announced the blocking of Russian assets in the amount of $8.1 billion. Read more about this in the BLiTZ article.


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