North Korea will issue a series of stamps with Kim Jong-un and his daughter Kim Joo-ae


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will issue a series of postage stamps depicting the country’s leader Kim Jong-un and his daughter Kim Joo-e. This was reported on February 14 by the news agency “Renhap”.

The stamp design footage provided shows photos of the North Korean leader and his daughter taken in November 2022 during their visit to the Hwaseong-17 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) test launch site.

It is known that this is the first time that a stamp will be issued in the DPRK with Kim Jong-un and his possible daughter, who is believed to be his second child. Official North Korean media write about the girl without mentioning her name.

It is noted that her photo will appear on five of the eight stamps planned for release, including a shot of how she and the leader of the DPRK walk together, as well as pictures in the background of the Hwaseong-17 ICBM and military personnel.

According to the agency, the stamps will be issued on February 17 this year.

Earlier, on January 2, footage appeared of how North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, along with his daughter, visited a warehouse with Hwaseong-12 medium-range ballistic missiles and KN-23 missiles capable of carrying a nuclear charge. It is noted that the footage was shown on North Korean television without much explanation in the story about the sixth plenum of the party held from December 26 to 31.

On December 31, 2022, Pyongyang launched three missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan, they flew about 350 km, after which they fell into the sea. Japan, through diplomatic channels in Beijing, protested to Pyongyang in connection with the missile launches. In total, in 2022, the DPRK launched 70 ballistic missiles, which was a record for the development of these weapons by the country.

Before that, on November 19, footage was released of how Kim Jong-un appeared in public with his daughter during the test launch of the Hwaseong-17 rocket. Photos circulated by the KCNA showed a school-age girl holding Kim Jong-un’s hand as they walked around the new military equipment together.


p class=”MsoNormal”>The name of the schoolgirl was not indicated. According to South Korean media, this is nine-year-old Kim Joo-ae.


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