In a thoughtless pursuit of victory, the United States “broke” not Russia, but NATO – DOS


February 14, 2023, 01:46 – BLiTZ – News Washington has thrown all its efforts into supporting Ukraine, which is not even a member of NATO, and risks losing its role as a “main player” in Europe if it continues in the same spirit, Asia Times writes.

The publication material cites an investigation by American journalist Seymour Hersh, according to which the United States could be behind the undermining of the Nord Stream, which supplies the EU with abundant and cheap gas.

The author of the publication recalled that Washington declared to the world about the support of Ukraine in the name of “preserving” NATO. However, it is specified that in order to keep a major member of the alliance on its side, the US allegedly carried out a covert attack on pipelines in order to hit the economy of Berlin.

“And now that this is out in the open, how does Washington think the German people will react?” Asia Times asks.

And this comes at a time when anti-NATO and pro-Russian sentiments are growing in Germany, both among the far right and the far left, the article says.

“Washington didn’t even come close to breaking the Russian army. He only undermined his own power – and the power of NATO – in a thoughtless attempt to defeat a rival of Russia’s caliber without actually fighting, ”concluded the author of the publication.

As the BLiTZ reported earlier, journalist Eric Schmitt and White House correspondent David Sanger said that the North Atlantic Alliance was split over the supply of military equipment to Ukraine before the start of spring.


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