Fathers of many children offered to retire earlier


The retirement age of fathers from large families should be reduced by one year for each child, but not more than five years. Such a proposal is contained in a set of measures developed by the commission of the Public Chamber on demography, protection of the family, children and traditional values.

The demographic situation in the country is close to emergency, according to the commission. Additional measures are needed to support the birth of a third and subsequent children, large families, working parents and the reduction of abortions for so-called social reasons, according to a letter from social activists to the government.

Among other measures, it is proposed to extend the law until 2030, under which families with many children who have a third and subsequent children will be able to fully or partially repay housing mortgage loan obligations in the amount of up to 450 thousand rubles.

It is also proposed to ensure the annual indexation of the subsidy not below the level of inflation.

The authorities of subjects with a total fertility rate below 1.7 children per woman are invited to recommend introducing a regional subsidy in the amount of at least 550 thousand rubles in 2023, so that the total amount of federal and regional subsidies in 2023 would be at least one million rubles.

The authors of the letter paid special attention to the support of fathers with many children. Thus, they are asking for amendments to the law “On mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation”, providing a deferment from conscription for mobilization to citizens who have three or more dependent children under the age of 16.

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